Investment Strategy

Accesso Partners LLC’s growth and success has been driven by an investment strategy that dates back to over a decade ago. It has been fine-tuned, but never changed since. It is built on a foundation of a vigorous evaluation of each investment opportunity. Then we project its potential profitability by looking at how the property is performing financially and where it can improve. And lastly we calculate the impact of its risk profile and performance on the total portfolio.

Asset Type: We currently invest in Class A and Class B commercial real estate in. Our main asset concentration is in office properties that can be acquired below market pricing and at significant discount to replacement cost.

Location: Our focus is on properties in Class A locations in large, fast-growing U.S. metropolitan cities with strong and diversified economies or high growth suburban submarkets. We look for MSAs that consistently demonstrate employment growth, have a pro-business atmosphere, and large talent pools.

Additional Attributes: We value area amenities, low taxation, low to moderate cost of living, proximity to international airports, maritime ports, access to mass transit and transportation hubs. Easy access to the suburbs as well as the central business district also is included in our valuations and calculations.

Characteristics of Assets: We look for contemporary designs, flexible and functional floor plans, with modern building amenities. As we plan to upgrade the facility, we check if there Is space to create health facilities, conference centers, on premises food and or dining? We always prefer adequate tenant and visitor parking. And we categorize the value of the parking based on the geographic location of the property and that determines if it need be covered or uncovered.

Investment Opportunity: We invest in both core stabilized assets and also value creation opportunities. These include where a property’s financial performance can be improved through either renovation, repositioning, rent growth, or tenant lease-up.

Our track record of purchasing properties at substantial discounts to market pricing and replacement costs is well documented. It is partially due to our flexible acquisition negotiations, creative structuring, speed, in-place financing, and early commitments, which has allowed us to take advantage of opportunities few have been equipped to handle. Additionally, as our reputation grows, we receive more and more “first look” and “off market” acquisition opportunities from sellers offering special situations at extremely favorable pricing. We are presented with value-creation opportunities by brokers, lenders, and representatives of owners who want the smooth, expedited sale we are known for.

Property Management: After the acquisition, our affiliate, Accesso Services manages the property in the tenant-responsive, cost-effective manner that we are known for. We leverage our extensive in house capabilities and maximize our economies of scale.