Underwriting and Due Diligence

Our company has earned a reputation among commercial real estate brokers, sellers, institutional investors, joint venture partners, mortgage bankers and lenders as a “buyer of choice” with “certainty of closing.” Essentially, we are known for closing an acquisitions smoothly, on time, at the contracted price with no last minute price re-negotiations.

A main reason Accesso Partners is an attractive buyer to sellers and their brokers is because of our deep due diligence and extensive underwriting early in the acquisition process. We thoroughly understand a property beforehand so that there are no surprises and rarely any modifications. All the assets in our portfolio have undergone extremely rigorous examinations which, in our opinion, ensures a property’s strong performance when we take ownership.

Our ability to analyze property values, accurately determine improvement costs, forecast market demands, and project leasing rates and other transaction specifics, enable us to make smart, strategic decisions in acquiring property.

Specifically, our due diligence team follows a detailed analysis of variables that range from property conditions and environmental surveys, lease and sale comparables, market intelligence from the brokerage community, sensitivity analysis, and interviews of every tenant that confirm lease obligations and building conditions. All due diligence and underwriting is conducted internally and none of the critical activities are assigned to external vendors.

For more information on Accesso Partners’s underwriting and due diligence processes, please contact us at 954-454-4665.