By implementing corporate sustainability initiatives, we strive to create a significant, positive impact on the environment. These initiatives help us truly make the world a better place one building at a time.

We are early adopters of cutting-edge technologies that deliver maximum building efficiencies, which have a positive environmental impact on our planet by reducing carbon footprint, and enhance the quality of life by improving water and air quality.

We have a strategy in motion to focus on initiatives that will reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint across the portfolio.

For years we have been executing projects such as coil cleaning, LED lighting retrofitting, updating and replacing chillers for ones with the most advanced technology, and implementing Building Management Systems (BMS) to control air handling, fan-coil units, cooling plant systems, among other things.

We are also servicing our HVAC systems by using Blue Box Air’s patented process for cleaning and disinfecting any depth of heat transfer coil. Blue Box’ environmentally friendly, enzyme-based process, removes built up dirt, grime and bio-fouling from inside of the HVAC coils. This restores air flow, improves the temperature transfer, reduces the energy burden and improves a building’s air exchange rate.

So far, these efforts have translated into savings for both the company and for the environment in the following estimated ways (as of March 2024):

Accesso Partners_invest icon       $6.3 Million

       60 Million kWh

Accesso Partners_sustainability icon       93.6 Million Co2 offset (lbs)

Our sustainability initiates have also led to Energy Star ratings across the portfolio as well other certifications.

Please contact Daniel Goldstein for information about sustainability.

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