Property Management

Our Property Management services deliver stellar customer care to tenants and business employees by tailoring a customized property management solution based on the specific needs of each client.

Our industry-leading reputation for excellence is also applied to our team’s meticulous attention to a property’s infrastructure and maintenance through the following services:

  • Preventive Maintenance Planning
  • Tenant Relations
  • Property Appearance and Cleanliness
  • Building Systems and Operations
  • Contract Bidding
  • Evaluation of Existing Vendor Performance, Security, Risk Management and Compliance with Local and State Laws

For more information about Property Management, please contact Alan Horowitz at 954.454.4665.


We work with Accesso because they understand the value of hiring great teams and provide us with the tools we need to be successful. But, more than anything else, we have a trusting relationship that goes far beyond the transaction. Their willingness to listen and collaborate is a big attraction to doing business with them. There’s no doubt our opinion matters and we have the flexibility empowered to deliver top quality to our clientele.

Accesso Partners_Bill Weghorst
Bill Weghorst, Madison Marquette, Broker