Why Accesso?

Our strong network of trusted, long-time investment partners allows us the ability to move quickly to analyze, finance and benefit from the upside transitions of new opportunities – often brought forward as first looks because of our exceptional industry reputation.

We blend a multitude of success drivers into an industry-leading investment strategy to consistently deliver strong returns and capitalize on opportunities expeditiously and ethically.

Industry-Leading Services

Investment Strategy

  • Purchase high-quality properties in great locations in high-growth top MSAs
  • Remodel the building and add modern amenities
  • Add top of the line services and Accesso Club
  • Build spec suites to increase leasing velocity
  • Reposition building and conduct aggressive marketing campaign
  • Push rental rates and enhance profitability

Asset Types

  • Class A or B+ office properties


  • High-growth, metropolitan areas and premier submarkets
  • Diversified economies and large population density
  • Employment growth, pro-business mentality and strong talent pool
  • Low-to-moderate cost-of-living

Property Attributes

  • Attractive amenities such as health facilities, conference centers and on-premise dining
  • Low taxation
  • Proximity to transportation
  • Access to suburbs and business district
  • Contemporary designs
  • Flexible, functional floor plans
  • Efficient parking for both tenants and visitors

Property Management

  • Managed in a tenant-responsive cost-efficient manner
  • Leverage in-house capabilities and maximize economies of scale


  • Solid track record of discount market price purchasing and replacement
  • Flexibility, speed, ready financing, and commitment positions for ready-to-go success
  • Receive increasing number of “first-look” or off-market acquisition opportunities
  • Respected for ethical business practices