Cleaning Process Ensures HVAC Systems Run at Peak Efficiency

February 19, 2020

By Lisa Brown 

Accesso uses a Blue Box-patented cleaning process that injects pH neutral, anti-microbial enzymes into the coils of HVAC systems to remove harmful bacteria and toxic pollutants, resulting in air quality improvement.

The Blue Box-patented cleaning process involves injecting pH neutral, anti-microbial enzymes into the coils of HVAC systems to completely remove harmful bacteria and toxic pollutants, resulting in a significant improvement in air quality and overall cleanliness. This helps property owners substantially reduce operating expenses, energy consumption and water usage. And, Blue Box is the only available option that eliminates the need to shut down equipment during cleaning and is gentle on coils, mitigating the potential for damage.

“Blue Box is an important solution for us as we work to advance our mission of making the world a better place, one building at a time,” said Daniel Goldstein, managing partner of operations and investor relations at Accesso, an investment manager and multi-tenant office building operator. “We believe in providing our tenants with workplaces that reflect their values and Blue Box is helping us remain at the forefront of employee health and environmental wellness. We have already yielded many positive benefits as a result of implementing Blue Box, including a substantial reduction in energy usage, and we expect the technology will help us further lower our carbon footprint and operating costs.”

This Blue Box initiative was spearheaded by ONPEAK Energy, a sustainability consulting company that has played an important role in designing Accesso’s portfolio-wide sustainability program. ONPEAK Energy oversees the implementation, data collection and solution design of the Blue Box process for Accesso.

The Blue Box cleaning process is just one of several initiatives Accesso has put in place to help ensure the well-being of its tenants and the environment. These efforts have led to more than $1.2 million in annual energy savings and 12 million kilowatts saved per year, while reducing the carbon footprint of its portfolio by more than 18.7 million pounds of CO2.

Accesso Club, the company’s exclusive amenities program, is designed to improve the overall quality of life for all who work at Accesso properties by offering a variety of benefits including participation in wellness seminars, professional development training, charitable events and local fundraisers.

“ONPEAK identified the Blue Box cleaning process as a disruptive and ideal option for Accesso to improve air quality and HVAC performance for its tenants across its portfolio,” Goldstein tells “Before applying it throughout Accesso’s entire portfolio, ONPEAK tested the process with four air handling units at two of Accesso’s properties in the Houston Area, 3900 Essex and 1776 Yorktown.  Prior to running the tests, ONPEAK noticed that the systems were very clogged with dirt, grime and biologic fouling. All systems had a substantial amount of blockages in the coils. Blue Box was able to penetrate the complete surface area coverage, and the cleaning positively impacted the temperature transfer across the coils as well as the energy consumption of the blower motor.”

The results from the demo included two buildings, four air handling units, 30% pressure differential drop per air handling unit on average, $694 estimated savings per air handling unit on average and 4,430 estimated pounds of CO2 reduction per air handling unit on average, learns.